Pet Hair Remover – 1 Double-Sided Standard-Size, 1 Travel Pet Hair Removal Brush, Self-Cleaning Base – Remove Cat and Dog Fur, Lint, Fluff from Carpet, Car Seat, Couch, Clothing, Bedding, Fabric

  • Clear Out Fur Completely – Struggling with strands and rolls of pet hair on your couch, carpets, or clothing? Just swipe this fur remover brush on any surface to remove fluff and lint in a jiffy.
  • A Breeze To Use – Using this pet fur remover is a walk in the park. Check the arrow marking on the upper part of the handle and follow that direction when brushing over the target surface.
  • Cleans Up In Seconds – No need to manually remove fur from the lint brush after use. Just dip the brush into the self-cleaning base a few times, and it will be clean and ready to use right away.
  • Perfect Travel Essential – Keep your clothes free from lint and fluff while you are out on a holiday adventure. The travel-sized pet brush will easily fit in your purse, bag, or car compartment.
  • Customer Satisfaction Warranty – If, for any reason, you are unhappy with the quality of this pet hair remover brush or the purchase, please let us know so we can provide a solution for you.


Is pet hair and fur slowly taking over your entire home?

As a pet owner, finding pet hair on your floors, furniture, clothes and hair accessories is a common thing. Sweeping fur from hard surfaces is fairly easy. However, removing pet hair from carpets, car seats, and couches can be a total nightmare.

Using your vacuum cleaner is an option-but only if you are ready to give your hands and arms a serious workout. What you need is an easy and effective way to clear out pet hair and fur in seconds.

Eliminating dog, cat or other pet hair has never been this easy with the Brellavi Pet Hair Remover.

Equip yourself with the ultimate tool against stubborn pet fur. This double-sided fur removal brush makes easy work of fur, dander, hair, lint, and fluff that mess up your carpets, clothes, car seats, sofas, bed, pillow, linens and hair accessories.

Just a few swipes of the brush scoops up pet fur without damaging the target surface. Once the brush is full of fur, just dip it into the self-cleaning base a few times, and it will be ready to use. No need for scrubbing or rinsing with water.

Wearing your pet’s fur on your shirt is not the way you want to tell the world you have a dog or cat. Look sharp by keeping your clothes free from lint whenever you step out of the house. The bundle comes with a travel-sized brush, which is designed to fit nicely in your purse or backpack for on-the-go lint and fluff removal.

Need more time to make a decision? Here are more reasons to love this fur remover brush:

✅ No need to purchase refills or batteries
✅ A must-have for pet owners and travelers
✅ Easy to clean and maintain

Spend less time clearing out fur, pet hair, or fluff. Add the Brellavi Pet Hair Remover to your cart TODAY!

Brand: Brellavi

UPC: 718774342935

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Pet Hair Remover Brush, Pet Hair Remover with Self-Cleaning Base, Double-Sided Pet Hair Remover Brush, Remove Pet Hair from Furniture, Couch, Carpet, Bed, Car Seats, Carpet, Clothes, etc. Best Pet Hair Remover Brus with Travel Size.

Our Pet Hair Remover Brush can remove fur and lint with double-sided design. Work efficiency to remover pet fur as you expected. Twice swipe as double speed to get rid of unwanted hair, faster than the single-sided lint brush. It is incredibly economical and environmentally friendly.

No refills, no waste, no power plug! It will help you get rid of the pet fur from furniture, couch, carpet, bed, car seats, carpet, clothes, etc. It is the most convenient and mess-free way to remove your pet hair.

How to Use the Pet Hair Remover Brush:
1. Gently sweep your hair wizard brush across the surface from upholstered furniture, couch, sheet, carpet, etc. Follow the arrow when you brush.
2. When the brush is fully covered, insert it into the base and pull it out. It will be clean and ready to remove more hair
3. When the base is full, simply take off the cap and empty the contents into a trash can.

The Pet Hair Remover Brush is Perfect for:
Upholstered Furniture
Car Seats

The Pet Hair Remover Brush Package Includes:
1 x Standard Pet Hair Remover Brush
1 x Standard Self-cleaning base
1 x Travel Size Brush