Brellavi Anti Barking Device, Upgraded Bark Control Device for Dog Training and Barking Control, High Pitch Sound Dog Trainer, Stops Barking, Scratching, Aggressive Behavior, Pearl Black

A Must for Pet Owners: Is your best friend in the habit of barking excessively at noises, people, or other pets? Correcting your dog’s bad behavior has never been easier with the Brellavi ultrasonic dog barking deterrent devices! It can train your dog in good behavior, stop unwanted behaviors such as barking, clawing, digging, biting, jumping on people, scratching furniture.

Safety Comes First: This ultrasonic anti-barking device acts by using high frequency sounds, making the dog highly responsive and cooperative, without harming him or the user in any way.

Dog Training Made Easy: Whether you’re dealing with excessive barkers, aggressive behavior, jumping on people, furniture or shoe chewing, clawing or biting tendencies, these ultrasonic barking control devices help correct bad behavior, being suitable for all dog breeds and sizes.

Protect Yourself: The Brellavi ultrasonic dog bark deterrent is an excellent choice for staying safe while jogging, walking, exploring nature, or on bike rides. The produced noises keep at bay unfriendly dogs, being ideal for protecting your loved ones, kids or elderly!

User friendly Design: This ultrasonic pet corrector features a portable, lightweight design, fitting perfectly into your hand and making it easy to press the buttons. Choose the working modes“training dogs, controlling barking, keep dogs at a distance, or flashlight depending” on your needs.



As a dog owner, controlling bad or unfriendly behaviors in your best friend is an essential responsibility. Brellavi develops this innovative ultrasonic training device which makes your life easier when it comes to dog training.

Train Your Dog Like A Pro
The Brellavi ultrasonic dog training device is a must for every pet owner, being a practical, effective and safe training method which can be easily applied by first-timers or the more experienced. With a user-friendly two-button design, handheld ergonomic shape and multifunctional working modes, this ultrasonic dog training and barking control device helps correct bad behaviors in dogs of all ages and sizes, without using negative reinforcement or harsh physical punishments.

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Conceived as a self-training home device meant to protect yourself and your loved ones, this anti-bark trainer deters aggressive dogs from attacking even during nighttime, preventing unpleasant biting accidents for children or vulnerable people. An innovative solution for indoor, outdoor, traveling and home security!

Some of the amazing features of this ultrasonic anti barking and training device
1. Several functions: training dog, anti barking, keep dogs at a distance, flashlight;
2. Up to 20ft anti-barking range;
3. Ergonomic and lightweight, fits in pocket, purse, backpack;
4. Harmless for humans and pets;
5. Uses high pitch frequencies to draw the dog’s attention and keep him engaged;
6. Ideal device for joggers, nature exploring, walk in the park, for kids and elderly;
7. Practical and thoughtful present for any dog owner;
8. Works on all breeds, sizes;
9. Suitable for puppy training, adult dogs;
10. Highly durable construction.

Make sure your best friend is always well-behaved with this premium quality ultrasonic dog trainer! If by some reason you’re not entirely pleased with your purchase, please contact us to get help.

Brand: Brellavi
UPC: 717351568980
Color: Pearl Black


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