Ultrasonic Anti-Bark Dog Training Equipment and Barking Control Device, Electronic Clicker Trainer for Walking, Jogging, and Aggressive Behavior, Handheld and Portable, Black

  • Advanced Ultrasonic Dog Obedience Training Equipment – Beyond your average clicker training for dogs this anti bark control device helps train good behavior and reduce bad habits like barking, digging, clawing, biting, scratching, and getting on furniture.
  • Control Your Dog and Deter Others – Our ultrasonic barking control devices are designed to emit an inaudible sound ranging from 35-45 HKZ that only dogs can hear. And our dog bark control uses two transmitters that reach up to 50’ to deter unfriendly dogs.
  • Pet Safe and Owner Friendly Design – Lightweight and portable our handheld ultrasonic dog bark control system stimulates dogs through sound that can’t be detected by humans and won’t hurt the auditory sensors of pets or other animals for safer daily training.
  • All-Purpose Outdoor and Travel Use – From the dog park to the car to your favorite hiking trail our electronic ultrasonic dog training clickers are easy to take with you when you’re walking, hiking, jogging, cycling, or staying active around other people or pets.
  • Ultra-Bright, Built-In Flashlight – This ultrasonic anti-barking device not only helps improve natural behaviors it keeps you safer in the dark with a bright LED flashlight built into the front. This makes it great for nighttime walks or in low-light conditions.


Help Improve Your Dog’s Behavior with a Smart Handheld Ultrasonic Trainer from Brellavi

When you’ve got a dog that’s rambunctious, doesn’t listen, and doesn’t follow directions because they’re distracted by people, pets, or the world around them, you want a smart way to train them that’s far safer than shock collars or painful neck harnesses. That’s why we developed the Brellavi Anti-Bark Dog Training Device that you can use to stimulate their auditory senses and gently remind them when they need to be paying attention and on their best behavior.

All-Purpose Training
Our ultrasonic dog obedience trainer can be used for teaching all sorts of good behaviors while limiting the bad habits. In fact, you can use it to help heel your dog when you’re walking, running, or cycling, keep them more relaxed during crate training, or reduce aggressive tendencies around people or other dogs or pets.

Personal Protection Outdoors
Keeping our anti-bark dog training system with you when you’re jogging or walking around neighborhoods can also keep you safe from other aggressive dogs. Simply turn it on, point, click, and hit the audible sound to stop them and gently guide them away so you can get to safety.

Pet and Human Safe Design
The noise produced by this anti-bark training can’t be picked up by the human ear, which means it’s a great way to alert your dog without distracting people around you.

Help Prevent Injuries
Teaching dogs early on that it’s not ok to be aggressive, bite, claw, or scratch can help reduce injuries to people and better protect your dog when they’re around other animals.

Great for Puppies and Seniors
Our dog obedience trainer can be used for new pups and old senior dogs to keep them all gently in line.

Our dog barking trainer provides consistent support. Simply replace the battery as needed.

UPC: 704768272302
Brand: Brellavi

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